Friday, October 10, 2008

Cocoon Lamp

bamboo plywood / wool yarn
varying dimensions:
small 8” h x 22” diameter
large 16” h x 31” diameter

The structure of this unusual pendant lamp is made from bamboo plywood and wrapped with 100% wool yarn which functions as a sculptural lampshade. The yarn also holds the structure together through tension rather than with nasty adhesives. The component bamboo plywood pieces slot together and are lasercut from a pattern of concentric circles, minimizing material waste from the manufacturing process. It ships flat to be assembled on site and is handmade in San Francisco.

Suspension Cabinet

african mahogony / maple / aluminum rod
18” x 18” x 43.5”

This piece is about suspension as well as deconstruction. The central cabinet unit is suspended from four points within the maple frame. The outer structure is bolted together and deconstructs into component parts. The aluminum rod functions as the connection point for the hardware, as well as acts as a buffer between the wooden components, while the hardware is presented as an accent rather than hidden from view. The overall design brings attention to the structure of the frame -as a container, protecting the contents of the shelf.

Tessellation Table

steel / brass / mahagony / maple
38” x 42.5” x 16”

tes'sel·la'tion n.
“to cover the plane with a pattern in such a way as to leave no region uncovered.”

This tessellation is based on a hexagon, and arises from a personal fascination with geometry. Component parts create a flat surface that plays with concepts of perception and visual illusion. Contrast of materials from wood to metal within the pattern adds to the illusion of the three-dimensional quality of the flat plane of the table..

Air House Bench

cherry / upholstry
18” x 36” x 18”

The concept for this piece was inspired by a residence in Japan titled the Air House. Featuring floor to ceiling windows creating the walls, the house is almost completely surrounded by water and the natural environment. Following the formal aesthetics of the space, the upholstered piece floats in a thin, airy frame of cherry wood. The shape of the upholstery is representative of airflow, and the seam-lines reflect and emphasize this aspect of the bench.

Floating Back Armchair and Ottoman

solid walnut / upholstery
24” x 28” x 33”

This chair is an experiment of the structural integrity of wood joinery. The back of this armchair floats seemingly with little support from the base of the chair. The only connection is through the armrests - a thin piece of walnut joined to the base with a mortise and tenon joint. Although it appears fragile, the structure is solid.

Ghetto Blaster

brass / copper / acrylic
7” x 3” x 5.5”

An 80’s hip hop cultural icon, the boombox, is replicated here in copper and brass. The lid opens to reveal a compartment sized to fit cassette tapes – an almost extinct media form. This piece returns the ghetto blaster to it's former glory as the icon that it is.